Scott was born in Southern Minnesota. After graduating high school he moved to Florida where he received his education in Photography and Art from a nationally ranked education institution. Miller has worked as a professional photographer and his commercial work has been seen by millions of people.

Scott eventually moved to the West Coast landing in Los Angeles where he put his photography career on hold to pursue making a living as an artist. Now living at “The Brewery” Art Colony near Down Los Angeles, Miller has fast gained a reputation as an innovative Mixed Media Abstract Artist with his unique use of color and textures.

Scott builds wood panels as the framework and foundation for his art because in his view wood provides more stability than canvas. Once the panel is constructed Scott applies, Paper, Plaster, or Paint depending on the piece or series that he is working on and through his innovative thinking and trained eye, his visions come to live with stunning impact.

Scott’s work has been purchased by collectors and dealers from coast to coast and his works can be seen in fine galleries, homes, hotels, and office spaces nation wide. His series “The Wallflowers” is a combination of sculpture and traditional hanging art. Using Wood, Plaster, and Acrylic Paint, Miller has taken his inspiration from some of the most beautiful and powerful flowers in the world and given them new lives and identities transforming the ephemeral nature of flowers and giving them life everlasting in this unique and groundbreaking series.